The Evolution of Post-internet Music*



series of digital illustrations

Three compositions dismantling and arranging objects connected to the aesthetics of post-internet music — cliches referencing pop culture, playful nostalgia and computer-generated imagery. Resembling an archaeological site or a crime scene, they portray objects contrasting between the organic and the artificial, the historical and the contemporary.

One example displays a marble sculpture that has been knocked down by a sneaker-wearing foot also leaving a print in the middle of the scene. Some of the broken off pieces have been wrapped in plastic carefully while others lie exposed and unprotected. The neon glow-sticks might have served to light the scene at first, but now have worn off. A prehistoric looking fruit has fallen in the middle of it all — managed to sprout roots and leaves, but even this process is leading to an end as they begin to shed.

*Commissioned for Red Bull Music Festival Berlin, 2018