web collage

Four poems depicting the linguistic peculiarities of pornography distribution online. Complemented by original illustrations and dramatic readings of a text-to-speech application, the poetry collection presents an unrealistically embellished male fantasy designed to lure users into clicking enticing links leading to ultimate pleasure.

The poems are composed of caption screenshots taken from several porno-blogs which have started to follow the author's own site on the Tumblr micro-blogging platform during the period from July 6th till September 12th, 2016. Although the terms of use clearly forbid distribution of materials with pornographic nature, 11.4% of the 200000 most visited Tumblr domains (at the time) contain adult content. 22.37% of the data stream from the outside sites comes from adult websites (this is the leading category of the outside data stream).

These serial blogs have over-flooded the micro-blogging site and by following their own algorithms choose “victims” for distributing their content which often has a formulaic post structure consisting of an image and an intriguing, short caption that also serves as a link to the outside source.